Friday, March 3, 2017

New York Fashion Week

As I’m sure you know by now, I’m in love with New York City (I’ve talked about moving here and here). SO when I got the chance to fly out for New York Fashion Week with TRESemme, I was beyond elated. I’m partnering with them to report to you guys live on all the coolest hair trends all week. I recreated one of my favorites from the Creatures of Comfort presentation that you can watch here.

It’s funny because I’ve been to the city several times before for work but never had I experienced the true New York cold… UNTIL this trip! I finally saw my first snowfall EVER (yes, ever) yesterday and I’m still walking around to stomp in the snow every where I walk. I get cold super easily so lucky my UNIQLO heattech everything has been keeping me safe and warm.

It’s been such a crazy first week out here, as TRESemme has me and my assistant super busy, but I’m so incredibly grateful that I can do my hobby for a living.

Fun fact: My mom and I have been using TRESemme’s hairspray since I was a youngin’. Til then, Amy

 FTC: Made in partnership with TRESemmé.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

art gaze: Andrea Grützner

Photography by Andrea Grützner
Title: David Hockney
"I use photography to create a tension between abstraction and the real existence of a place, where I have the feeling that many things are not ordinarily accessible to the senses.
The installed filtered flashlights produce a near-instant moment of defamilarization in the house itself, not clearly visible to the eye. The transient appearance is fixed on the analog film material, and 'Other Spaces' (in the sense of Michel Foucault) full of entangled relations are unveiled.
In the fragmented photographic sense, one cannot be sure if one perceives objects or glowing shadows. As an imperfect represenation, or trace of a real object, shadows are closely related to photography:

they both show things which are, or have been there as a distorted version of reality.
Based on the photographs, one reconstructs the place in a totally different manner; a process similar to how we recall places and spaces in our memory.

The real house echoes in the pictures, in which one's sense of time and space becomes lost."

Andrea Gruetzner is a German photographer who I discovered on one of my favorite blogs butdoesitfloat. ART GAZE is a new series of posts where I will spotlight and share art/artists that I've been digging :-)))